Key entrepreneurship and innovation meeting organized by CeBIB

Between October 7 and 11, CeBiB organized the immersion visit to the national entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem with a special focus on Biotechnology, in which the National Network of Entrepreneurship of Colombian Universities (REUNE), belonging to the Colombian Association of Universities, participated (ASCUN).

In this instance, those in charge of technology transfer from different Colombian universities, such as the Tecnológica de Pereira, Libre, Simón Bolívar, del Atlántico and the Colombian Center for Professional Studies, were able to exchange ideas and discuss the experience of Chile with that of Colombia in the development and transfer of science-based technologies, generated from the university, as well as the support systems available to both countries and their respective institutions.

There were also meetings with relevant actors of the national ecosystem, such as CORFO, CONICYT, INAPI, Startup Chile; incubators and accelerators of technological entrepreneurship, such as Open Beauchef, iF Chile and Ceinnova PUCV.

In addition, attendees had the opportunity to visit pilot centers such as CREAS and research centers such as CMM, in addition to CeBiB, and to meet with the transfer office of the Vice-Rector for Research and Development of the University of Chile, with the OTTL of the Technical University Federico Santa María and the Network of Technological Managers (Red GT).

Laura Cuesta, representative of REUNE Colombia, commented that “Chile has been considered in recent years as a successful case of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, which is why it is appealing to visit the country to learn how it has achieved that goal. The visits made with CeBiB were very enriching and varied in content, which allowed identification of meeting points as well as substantial differences that show the progress that Chile has had in the ecosystem.” Likewise, she believes that “there are spaces for collaboration in the binational calls made by Startup Chile, alliances between universities related to technology transfer and unquestionably knowing and participating in some way in the financing model offered by Corfo to entrepreneurs.”

In relation to the Colombian reality, what most caught the attention of the delegation is that at present, entrepreneurship in Colombia has become a government strategy to boost the economy and universities have strengthened the conceptual and methodological training of this practice. This is why it is important to broaden the prospects, with our training and those responsible for this discipline, now considered a life project, sharing with their students the experiences of other places in the world and the opportunities offered by other countries.


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